Monday, 17 May 2010

RIP Ronnie James Dio 1942-2010

Gutted, absolutely gutted. Condolences to Wendy and family. We are as one through this terrible news.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Disturbing Satantic Overtones


Pure Viking Metal

Watering This Best Night of My Life

In 2001 I bought my girlfriend at the time tickets to see a then up and coming Queens of The Stone Age. Around this time my interest in stoner rock and snippets of doom was taking off. Bands I had on mix cd's were Fu Manchu, Place of Skulls, Sleep, Toadliquor etc etc and Goatsnake. My girlfriend took the tickets and her friend, much to my dismay but they were a gift.

We meet up post gig with her raving about QOTSA. She also mentioned some "shitty band" called Goatsomething. Of course this had no affect on me due to being a newcomer to the genre. Years later I have been kicking myself that I didn't demand her to take me, I would have seen one of my all time favorite bands in the flesh.

So when Toby told me about Roadburn and GOATSNAKE my pants were well and truly shat.

The night came, the night went and I have never pumped my fist, banged my head and sang every, single lyric to a band before.

Best night ever.

Is Chicken Morbit?

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Thee Bruford Attila

So my time has been taken up by this massive tinker.
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His hobbies are listening to Enslaved, shitting on my carpet and shagging my arm.

Massive don.